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The installation is rather simple:

Java-based desktop application

  • Download the latest JAR from the Worklog page on SourceForge
  • Make sure you have a Java 1.3+ runtime environment
  • Copy the JAR file, worklog-x.xx.jar, to a convenient location
  • Start the program by typing:
      java -jar worklog-x.xx.jar
    or, if you don't want to use -jar, by typing
      java -cp worklog-x.xx.jar worklog.Worklog

PalmOS-based handheld version

The handheld version is still in early alpha state, meaning it lacks important functionality. There is not even a binary release available yet.

If you are interested nevertheless, get the code from CVS and compile it as described here.

Install the resulting wlog.rcp file on your Palm and you're done.